The bathrooms in your home are among the most utilized rooms in the house—used daily by all members of the household and guests, too. This means that many of the fixtures in the bathroom can become worn-out, outdated, and broken over time. 

For this reason, bathroom renovation projects often become necessary at some point after purchasing a property—especially if the home is old, poorly maintained, or made with cheap-quality construction materials and accessories.

Perhaps the worst mistake homeowners can make is to attempt to renovate their own bathrooms themselves without knowing what they’re getting into. Along the same lines, another big mistake is hiring a cheap, unlicensed contractor to save money on the installation. While it’s not necessary to spend a fortune on an effective bathroom remodeling project, it is important that the project is well-planned, and that the products are high-quality and installed to last—which is why we recommend hiring experts when planning a remodel of any kind for the very best outcome.

Beyond the importance of hiring a professional contractor like US Remodeling Group when remodeling the bathroom, there are plenty of other mistakes made that homeowners should be aware of before beginning a project. In this article, we’ll take a look at a few of the most common bathroom remodeling mistakes and how you can avoid them during your next renovation.

Moving Plumbing Fixtures

One of the costliest bathroom remodeling jobs that can be avoided is moving large bathroom fixtures such as walk-in tubs, shower installations, tubs, sinks, or toilets. Having to move your plumbing or add in new pipes can quickly add up. This is especially important if you’re planning to do it yourself to save money. Without the right expertise, bathroom layout reconfigurations can easily go wrong. 

If this happens, this can mean dealing with expensive problems that will need to be addressed in the moment or at some point down the road. If you’re interested in changing the layout of your bathroom, hire professionals to do this for you. 

For a more affordable bathroom renovation, leave the layout as it is and focus on upgrading your existing products for a more cost-effective remodel.

Not Planning Ahead

A common mistake made by many DIY remodelers is not planning your whole remodel to work together. By simply focusing on one area and trying to build around it, you can run into problems very quickly—and end up with results that aren’t very value-enhancing. 

Expert planning will allow you to strategically fit all of your bathroom’s components into the budget. A bathroom designer will make sure that the entire renovation will work together both functionally and aesthetically before it begins, whether you’re spending a lot on a full overhaul or simply replacing a fixture or two.

Not Agreeing to a Fixed Price Contract

When discussing your remodel with a professional contractor, the biggest topic is always going to be price. There are two ways that you can get quotes—either by a fixed price estimate, or by what’s referred to as a “time and materials” contract. 

With a fixed-price contract, you can get a clear-cut price and accurate estimate that will help you to know exactly what you can expect to pay. This is highly preferable to a time and materials type of contract, which can fluctuate dramatically depending on how long your installer takes and the additional materials they’ll need as they go. 

Going Cheap

For those on a budget, cheaper prices on products and installation services can be tempting. It’s very important to note that choosing cheaper materials and contractors won’t always save you money, and can actually wind up costing you a lot more in repairs and replacements over the long-term. 

In fact, poor quality can result in you having to spend nearly twice as much as you originally planned since you will have to pay to have a professional come in and redo the renovation. 

Instead, look for a highly-rated contractor with a great reputation for excellence in bathroom renovations. An experienced, qualified, and certified contractor will know exactly what needs to be done to achieve the highest quality results at the lowest prices. You may pay more for professional services and premium-quality products upfront—but this is bound to pay off in the long run, especially when your home value goes up after the renovation.

Not Setting Aside Emergency Funds

Last, but certainly not least, you will need to ensure that you have set aside emergency funds for unexpected issues. Renovations can expose underlying problems you may not have been aware of, and having that extra money can make sure that you are able to get it fixed to keep your renovation going. This is another reason why an experienced contractor is your best bet for your renovation. 

A professional will perform a thorough inspection of your bathroom before beginning the remodeling project, and will know exactly what needs to be done and how much it will cost before getting started. 

Professional Bathroom Remodeling in Connecticut

With over 15 years in business, US Remodeling Group has provided homeowners in Connecticut with high-quality products and outstanding installations in Connecticut. As a BBB-accredited company, US Remodeling Group has earned an A+ rating thanks to excellent ratings and exceptional results in all types of bathroom renovations. 

With a team of highly trained and professional bathroom remodelers, you can rest assured that your home improvement project is in great hands. For a free, no-obligation estimate in your home, give us a call or fill out the online form.