When planning for a bathroom renovation in your Connecticut home, you have many factors to consider, from visual appeal and maintenance to durability and cost-effectiveness. Trying to find the right balance between these priorities can sometimes feel impossible—especially when you’re busy with everything else going on in your life!

At US Remodeling Group, however, we’ve taken the stress out of your decision by choosing a material that exceeds expectations in every way: acrylic bath solutions. In fact, we’re one of the only companies in Connecticut to offer acrylic bathroom remodeling! Read on to find out why this material is one of the best choices for any local home.

1. Acrylic Is Durable.

Compared to many other bathroom remodeling materials, such as ceramic or porcelain, acrylic is incredibly heavy-duty. It can withstand repeated use without chipping, cracking, peeling, warping, or staining. In fact, as your Bath Planet of Connecticut dealer, our acrylic has been tested for durability and certified with the Good Housekeeping Seal of approval!

2. Acrylic Is Easy to Maintain.

Not only are acrylic bath solutions resistant to the most common wear and tear, but they’re also very low-maintenance! Installed with triple-seal technology, our acrylic tubs and showers prevent water from seeping behind them, which in turn limits the opportunity for grimy mold or mildew growth. A simple wipe-down with gentle cleaner is often all it takes.

3. Acrylic Is Versatile.

Whereas many baths and showers are fitted primarily on site—leading to an expensive installation process and giant, dusty mess—our acrylic bathroom remodeling products are made to order to suit each unique space. That makes them the perfect fit for virtually any type of renovation in any-sized space! We offer:

·  Bathtub Replacements

·  Shower Replacements

·  Tub to Shower Conversions

·  Walk in Tubs

·  Roll-in Showers

·  And More!

4. Acrylic Is Affordable.

You won’t have to spend your entire monthly budget to upgrade your bathroom with US Remodeling Group. Acrylic bath solutions in Connecticut are among the most cost-effective of all renovation options, and they’re offered with convenient financing to make sure you can find a desirable tub or shower at a fair price.

5. Acrylic Is Beautiful.

Last but definitely not least, acrylic bathroom remodeling still offers all the beauty of more conventional materials—just with less maintenance, cost, and overall hassle. Whether you love the look of Italian granite, retro subway tiles, or sophisticated natural stone, you’ll be able to faithfully reproduce your favorite aesthetic.

Still Wondering About Acrylic Bath Solutions? Learn More Today

If you’ve never considered acrylic bathroom remodeling or still aren’t sure how it compares to other materials, don’t hesitate to contact US Remodeling Group today! We have over a decade of experience, are proud to be your local Bath Planet dealer, and happily serve all of Connecticut. Just give us a call or send in our online form to sign up for your free consultation and quote.