1. Subway style, White walls 
This is the classic. Bathroom styles change so frequently and it's tough to put together a pattern and color that will survive the trends that come and go. Subway tile stile with plain white is one of the few that can go with a traditional style bathroom or a contemporary one. This is one of the safest bets for longevity in terms of style and will likely be in style until Elon Musk takes us all to Mars.
2. Diamond 6x6, Silver White Marble 
Perfect for a room with some light grays either on the walls or in accents. Works perfectly with chrome or brushed knickel fixtures and accents. Has the clean, low maintenance look that many people want, but still displays its class. The swirls in the pattern are brought out by the definitive pattern in the 6x6 diamond pattern which makes it a favorite for everyone that sees it.
3. Bianco Travertine 
The new kid on the block. We just started producing the color and it's been an instant hit. The perfect color to work with sandy tones in a bathroom. Oil rub bronze and brushed knickel work to bring out the darker tones in walls and give the walls some fantastic contrast.