Accessibility Tips

Suggestions to make the bathroom easier to navigate with mobility issues

1.  Expand the size of the door frame and door/install a pocket door to make the entrance to the room larger

2.  Install walk in shower with  curtain and a small lip to get in the room

3.  Install safety rails around the toilet and grab bars that get fastened into the wall in the shower unit. Make sure that the grab bars are scaled to the height of the user

4.  Choose a vanity that is not very large as they are easy to bump into

5.  Put in a transfer bench, or install a bench into the shower for a spot to sit in the shower

6.  Install a detachable shower head and adjustable shower head with a bar to slide the head up and down on

7.  Make sure the base material has a non-skid coating or a non-skid mat on it to prevent falling