Below is a list of a few things that can be done to add space into the layout of a small bathroom. There is no “one size fits all and the effectiveness of each trick will vary with the footprint of the bathroom. However, these tricks will assist in adding space or "perceived space" to the room.

1.  Lighter Colors for the floor materials

2.  Create a more open floor plan, and make more of the floor visible

3.  If there is window space, expand window size in order to allow more natural light in the room

4.  Make the mirror larger, the additional reflective space will give the illusion of extra space in the room

5.  Wood shelving for towels, soap, etc that can be mounted on the walls

6.  Chrome/ knickel accents for fixtures and drain

7.  Increase the lighting in the room

8.  Create as much walking space as possible

9.  Minimize edges that creep into walking space

10.  Shaving kick stand in a shower stall to make shaving easier

11.  Utilize space above the toilet for storage