If you have issues with black spots that grow around the bathtub in the grout or caulk lines, that could mean that you have mold. Especially if after you clean it they just continue to grow back larger and faster.

Discoloration in the caulk is the first sign that you can usually see. Anything that smells permanently damp usually means that it is dealing with mold issues.


1.  Run!!!! And don’t smell it(kidding)

2.  Spraying and rubbing vinegar on the moldy areas

3.  Removing Caulk or Grout and replacing it with new caulk or grout

4.  Increase ventilation in the room. I.E. install a fan

5.  Replace the tub/shower area and the board that is behind it

6.  With a new or old shower, be sure to wipe it dry after each use

7.  Stay on top of a cleaning schedule; for example make sure it gets cleaned every Sunday

8.  If there is a curtain, routinely change the curtain

9.  If there is a door then make sure the track is clean

Some of these methods that are listed are prevention methods, and some are useful for putting out fires. The most effective way to prevent it would be to replace the area around the mold, remove the mold, increase ventilation, and finally to do preventative maintenance from there…..Welcome to home ownership…

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